From spending quality time with your partner, to enjoying beautiful clear water views, Phuket has marked its name for being the best honeymoon destination for couples. Apart from that, it is important to travel a place which is safe as safe traveling is a must now, that is why Phuket, which is romantic and secure, is the best honeymoon spot! The sandy beaches with crystal clear water just makes it the perfect place for romance.

In this article we will talk about why Phuket is the best honeymoon spot:


The place is filled with beautiful beach views and greenery. Phuket also has hill points from where you can see the amazing view of the Thai Island, apart from that there are many other spots too which are on height and you can discover some amazing views from up there too, together with your partner. These spots allow couples to enjoy the breathtaking views of sunset and sunrises together.


The nightlife at Phuket cannot be compared with others! Couples get to enjoy their peace time with each other during the day, and party like freaks by the night. Patong Beach is very popular when it comes to parties. Other than that, bars and many other restaurants are also there to visit.


Phuket is filled with beaches and resorts. The couple obviously needs a comfortable but romantic place to relax at, so these resorts are the best. Apart from that, the beaches themselves are very romantic and you along with your partner can do a lot of activities. Water sports like jet ski, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.


Phuket is the best honeymoon spot because of the number and variety of honeymoon activities it offers. For couples who are into sports can enjoy a number of water sports like scuba diving, jet ski, snorkeling, banana boats, rowing etc. For couples who are more into partying can enjoy an exotic night life which can be compared to no other.


Apart from all this, Phuket provides a dining experience like no other. You can enjoy five course dinner at La Gritta Restaurant, as it is one of the most romantic restaurants in Phuket. The interior, the view and of course the food, is absolutely amazing!


Hearing for the first time? We were equally surprised and excited when we first got to know about this. Phuket also arranges a romantic festival every year in November. Here, couples get to write things on their lanterns and release them into the air. The whole point of the festival is for the couples to make long lasting wishes for being together and release the lanterns into the sky after that. Other than that, a couple of other romantic festivals also take place which you can enjoy with your partner and make your honeymoon much more exciting and fun.

Phuket is the best option if you want to visit a place on your honeymoon which is romantic, exciting and involves safe travelling. The aesthetics and free vibes of Phuket will make the couple fall in love with each other even more!


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