Travel to India and Enjoy the Indian History and Culture

India is known for the vast culture and religions spread throughout its states. Moving from one place another you will slowly notice the traditions and culture around you change throughout the country. This will make your safecation colorful and worth it. There are so many rituals and traditions carried out by Indians and its heritage is breathtaking. When Safe travelling to India, forget about visiting exotic beaches or resorts, great views and extreme lavishness – be ready to experience the true culture of India instead. It will be a safecation of a lifetime. Here are a few points to keep in mind when safe travelling to India:

Indian History and Culture

India is an old country and hence has an extremely colorful history. The country has been ruled over by various kingdoms possessing their own languages, cultures, architecture and religions along the way. The country has people belonging to Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Jainism along with Buddhists. Hence, the philosophies, literature and lifestyles of these varying individuals can be seen throughout Indian culture. The culture of India is so diverse yet you will see people of different castes living together like brothers – the cultures may vary but the idea of being Indian is what keeps them together. The magnificent architecture you will get to see ranges over being hundreds of years old and speaks for itself.

India is a Huge Country

India is spread over 3.287 million kilometers squared and hence, is a huge country. As you travel to different states of India, you’ll experience completely different cultures and heritage. The more you want to really experience and India, the more places you will have to travel to within it.

Value for Money

India is a country full of socio-economic differences so, you can live and travel in India on whatever budget you have. If you really want to save some bucks, there will always be great places to stay and travel to for extremely cheap rates. You can also explore extreme luxury, whichever you prefer!  

The Indian Hospitality

Indian’s are known for their hospitality towards guests. Any tourist is considered a guest for them and they take it as a huge responsibility and honor to take care of guests. They believe that any guests in their country are a form of God. They will go out of their way to help you and treat you with utmost hospitality and comfort. The kind souls are truly humble and great to spend time with.


India is known for its connection with spirituality. You can experience various forms of meditation and yoga at an ashram and even view fire worshipping ‘aarti’ along the Ganges river. It will be a great way for you to reconnect with your spirituality and soul.

India is Tourist Friendly and Safe

One of your greatest concerns when planning a safecation to India would be whether it actually is safe or not? There’s good news for you – India is a tourist friendly country and is becoming an increasingly popular place to safe travel to, so be worry free and plan your trip now!

A place so rich in culture and heritage is one worth travelling to, plan your safecation to India now and experience what its like to be a true Indian.

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