8 Historical Places You Need to Visit in Europe

8 Historical Places You Need to Visit in Europe

Europe is the top go-to travel destination for people. Whether it’s for a getaway or a safecation, it’s the ultimate spot to take aesthetic pictures for your Instagram feed. Everyone knows it is the best safe travelling place and wish they could go there every year.

Europe isn’t only the place to relax, but a great place to explore. It has history rooted in its land that is fascinating to discover. Here are 8 historical landmarks you need to visit in Europe.

  1. The Berlin Wall, Germany

Germany was partitioned into East and West Germany. In 1989, people decided to march and tear down the wall to signify their unification. They were one city. This historical monument marks the day people stood up for their freedom. Visiting this site will remind you, that while you are safe travelling, this wasn’t the case before. The artwork on the walls, the graffiti is all a part of the movement.

  1. Lübeck, Germany

Located in northern Germany, Lübeck stands as representation for how the city looked like in the 12th century. It was one of the most critical trade routes and held monopoly as a capital marketplace. However, during the second World War the city was damaged. Tourists today, could go for a safecation to witness the historical architecture of the town hall, the cobble-stoned streets, the warehouses, and the four checkpoint-like gates.

  1. Auschwitz, Poland

The Holocaust is one of the most defining features in Europe’s history. During your travel, you should definitely visit Auschwitz to understand the story better. The concentration camp serves as a reminder of all the people who lost their lives and the torture they suffered. Visiting this site is a great experience for historical enthusiasts.

  1. Colosseum, Italy

Rome was one of the greatest cities of Italy. To marvel at its glory, the Romans left behind the Colosseum. The largest amphitheater of the world is a sight you could never forget. People would come to witness all kinds of duels and entertainment for their time. To visit it now would make your trip to Europe complete.

  1. Lascaux, France

If you’re interested in art and history combined, Lascaux is the place for you. One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, this series of caves will give you a peek into the stone age. You will be beyond fascinated to see all the carved art in the depths of the Lascaux caves. The paintings tell stories you can only imagine.

  1. The Great Synagogue of Budapest, Hungary

There is no way you can visit Europe but miss out on the Great Synagogue of Budapest. This historical monument will take you years back and show you the architecture, the tinted glass windows, the detailing, the decoration, the clocks and much more. It is also connected with the Jewish museum where you can look at all the artifacts to hold in your memory. To write about the beauty of the Synagogue would only be an understatement to its majestic hold.

  1. Buthrotum, Albania

Who doesn’t love walking around a ruined ancient city that narrates the glory it once was? This Albanian site is a ruin of a Greek and Roman city which was expanded for the best intentions. The Fall of the Roman empire brought the city to its knees. Your visit to Buthrotum would be the best place to fall in love with history.

  1. The Pantheon, Italy

Temples marked an important part of European history. The Pantheon was another great relic from the Roman Empire as a huge temple. The classical architecture of the temple was copied for numerous buildings, but this one is a true original of the Romans’ brilliance. Today, you can visit the Pantheon as a catholic church.


All these historical sites are surely an experience for a trip to Europe. They not only show you history, but the stories of people that were once before you. Remember them when you travel. As is said by Anita Desai, “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”. Make history a part of you.

The 9 Best Beach Destinations In The World

The 9 Best Beach Destinations In The World


The accompanying rundown can help. The entirety of the beaches underneath offer uncommon beauty, clean sand, and water, and close by tourist foundation—and a significant number of them are drifting upward in traveler ubiquity.


  1. Providenciales, Turks And Caicos


“Provo” is the all-around flawless Caribbean destination, one that has been discovered however not overrun. There are clear turquoise waters, coral reefs for swimming, and delicate white sand where you can beach look over for a significant distance without experiencing swarms. Groove to ripsaw music with local people and enjoy conch squanders and jolt chicken at the open-air island fish fry on Thursday evenings.


Where to stay: The Oasis at Grace Bay offers rooms, suites, and manors only a short stroll from the delicate sand of Grace Bay beach.


  1. Bali, Indonesia


Locate your beach nirvana on the southern peninsula of Bali, where scenes from Eat, Pray, Love were recorded. Otherworldliness injects numerous parts of the day by day life here, so expect experiences with neighborhood traditions that brief a little soul looking.


Among Bali’s best beaches are Kelingking beach, which requires approximately 500 stages to access (however don’t stress, the stunning perspectives from above are justified, despite all the trouble); and Gunung Payung beach, one of the island’s concealed pearls.


Where to stay: Highlights of a stay at the marvelous Seminyak Beach Resort and Spa incorporate the warm, well-disposed assistance and the endlessness pool overlooking the sea.


  1. Maui, Hawaii


Maui is among America’s most notorious container list beach destinations. Its beaches—including Kaanapali Beach and Kapalua beach—reliably rank among the best on the planet. What’s more, what Maui needs moderateness, it compensates for in beauty and novelty a long way past the ideal palm-bordered beaches.


Experience fire dancing at luaus, dawn climbs to the lethargic fountain of liquid magma culminations, and countless cascades along the awe-inspiring drive to Hana. What’s more, it’s presently somewhat more moderate to arrive: Southwest started normal assistance to Maui (and other Hawaiian destinations) from select West Coast urban areas a year ago.


Where to stay: Each roomy unit at Aston at The Whaler on Kaanapali beach includes a full kitchen and a private gallery.


  1. Grenada


Ringed with sleek white sand, Grenada, the Caribbean’s “Flavor Island,” even scents like heaven with all the nutmeg become here. While you can discover voyage passengers and peddlers on the off chance that you go searching for them (at Grand Anse beach, for instance), the beauty of this island lies in its calmer corners, including Morne Rouge beach, the submerged figure park, and rainforest trails.


Grenada tourism is on the ascent, with development in visitor numbers over the recent years.


Where to stay: The bungalows and lodgings at Petite Anse Beachfront Hotel and Restaurant are situated on a detached beach in the northern piece of the island.


  1. Fernando De Noronha, Brazil


A 21-island archipelago and common UNESCO World Heritage site 224 miles off the northern bank of Brazil, Fernando de Noronha is home to three of the world’s highest level beaches. One of them, Baia do Sancho, beat Tripadvisor’s 2020 rundown of the best beaches on the planet.


As far as possible the quantity of visitors to secure its fragile biological systems and untamed life. Those sufficiently fortunate to encounter Noronha’s confined beaches will see crystalline waters flanked by rosy sand, volcanic precipices covered in lavish vegetation, and sensational sightings of the neighborhood spinner dolphins.


Where to stay: Rooms at Pousada Del Mares are straightforward however agreeable, with an area close to restaurants, beaches, and shops.


  1. Clearwater Beach, Florida


White sand as delicate as powdered sugar acquires spring breakers and retirees droves to Clearwater beach, where restaurants, lodgings, and gift shops compete for space inside sight of the quiet waters. Clearwater made Tripadvisor’s 2020 rundown of the best beaches in America.


The most perfect beaches in the territory are at Caladesi Island state Park, a lacking heaven accessible just by ship.


Where to stay: The family-claimed Barefoot Bay Resort and Marina overlooks Clearwater Bay and is only a short stroll from the beach.


  1. Crete, Greece


The 2018 arrival of the Mamma Mia! spin-off took the buzz back to the mysterious Greek Isles, where the storyline is set. Crete isn’t as famous—or expensive—as Mykonos or Santorini, however it despite everything offers ample sun, sand, and history.


You can part-time between the island’s rich culinary culture, antiquated ruins, and appealing beaches. Laze in shielded coves or on the top of the line Elafonissi beach, an almost mile-since a long time ago ensured stretch of white sand with shallow turquoise tidal ponds and ocean turtles.



  1. Lucia


A favorite of honeymooners, St. Lucia is developing progressively mainstream with tourists of various types. A year ago, this selective tropical heaven saw a record-setting number of visitors.


In the middle of experiences, for example, swimming in cascades, climbing to the culmination of Gros Piton, and kayaking to Pigeon Island, you can unwind on St. Lucia’s numerous beautiful beaches. traveler favorites incorporate Anse Mamin and Jalousie beach.


Where to stay: The comprehensive Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort offers a touch of something for everybody, from about six pools to a spa and wellness focus.


  1. Praslin Island, Seychelles


Isolated and sentimental, the bus-island Seychelles archipelago, situated in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, has a supernatural draw. Seychelles’ beaches, including Anse Lazio on Praslin Island, are among the most captured on the planet.


Anse Lazio is a broad white crescent encircled by granite rocks and tropical rainforest. It’s disconnected yet worth the push to get to Anse Lazio, where isolation and nature rule. Or then again jump a 15-minute ship from Praslin Island to La Digue to see the dazzling pink sands of Anse Source d’Argent.


Where to stay: Hotel Cote d’Or overlooks a dazzling white beach on Praslin Island and offers exercises, for example, kayaking, beach volleyball, and even bows and arrows.







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