The Best Eateries in India

The Best Eateries in India

India is not only known for its colorful and spread out culture and heritage but also the cuisine associated with it. Safe travelling to India is a fantasy for foodies. The culinary greatness of the Indian subcontinent cannot be emphasized. Indian spices are world-wide famous, and it would be a shame if you had a safecation in India but weren’t able to experience its mouthwatering cuisine. Here are a few of the best eateries of India which you should try out to experience true Indian flavors:

  • 1135 AD, Jaipur

The true and exquisite cuisine of Rajasthan can be experienced at 1135 AD. The name is derived from the year the Rajput dynasty started its reign over the locals of the area. The seating place is properly lit with beautiful crystal chandeliers. The Restaurant is decorated with stunning Rajput décor and the best part is the live Rajput music played by musicians on the spot. It’s a place you’ll remember for a lifetime.

  • Ambrai, Udaipur

The restaurant not only provides amazing food, but the ambiance is what makes it visit worthy. Once you enter, you will notice that your surroundings are full of great views of the Jag Mandir, Lake palace and the City palace. Apart from this, Ambrai is known for its spicy ‘Laal Maas’ or Red Maas Curry along with the platters of kebabs.

  • Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

This restaurant dates back to the start of the 1900’s and is a legacy which still lives up to its standards. True Amritsar tastes can be experienced here. ‘Dhaba’ often is referred to roadside café and hence, this shows how such an eatery has grown to a huge restaurant over the years due to its marvelous food. There are a variety of dishes available but the Vegetarian menu is what this place is most famous for.

  • Hanwant Mahal, Jodhpur

This restaurant is made inside the building which was once the hunting place of a local ruler or raja. The cuisine represents proper Jodhpur flavors and lives up to the mark – Raja would have been proud.

  • Indique, Jodhpur

With a candlelit ambience and views of the golden Mehrangarh fort, you will be breath taken by the ambience to know that there is more – the generously prepared ‘thalls’ or huge plates, spicy kebabs and North Indian specialties of Indique are highly authentic and flavorful.

  • Kulcha Land, Amritsar

Home to the ‘Kulcha’s’ or round flatbread prepared to be eaten as a side to spicy Indian curry’s, kulcha land is just the place to drive your taste buds crazy. Traditional Amritsar cuisines can be found here.

  • Villa Maya, Trivandrum

The restaurant is made in an 18th century restored Dutch mansion. Its ambiance will leave you speechless as will the spice filled flavors you are about to experience.

Indian cuisine will leave you tempted for always having more. You will experience a kaleidoscope of flavors with just the first taste. Prepare your taste buds for the flavorful journey they are just about to encounter on this safecation.

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