Travelling can be very exhausting! It does not matter if you are a frequent traveler or if you only travel once in a year, travelling for everyone is complicated and downright overwhelming. But no matter how careful you are and how proactive you were, mistakes are inevitable when it comes to it. In this article we will discuss some very common mistakes which should be avoided at all costs and by keeping these in mind you can have a safe travelling experience:


Overstuffing your travelling bag is a mistake we are all guilty of. We get too excited and so overwhelmed that we keep on stuffing our bags with things which we might not necessarily even need. Usually any place we travel to, there are things and tools where we can do our laundry or get it done. So, there is no point of carrying different clothes for each day you are there. You might find it weird to repeat clothes here, but when you are travelling, nobody cares and you can wear it again as much as you want.

One thing you can do to avoid this mistake is pack everything you want, then halve! Just remember that anywhere you go, you can buy things like clothes or accessories and mostly even in cheaper prices, so there is no need to overpack!


This is one of the worst mistakes you can make, and it can actually play a huge part in ruining your trip. Before travelling, we all have a budget in mind so sticking to that is the best! However, we often make this mistake of not following it, running out of money and ultimately regretting it!


When we are travelling a place for the first time, we get super excited and want to see it all! Each and every part of it because we have the fear of missing out. But due to this, we make a long, exhausting list of itineraries which makes us travel to the places more and enjoying the places we visit less. Apart from that, people also keep a very short transit time. This restricts them as you should be very flexible when it comes to such things!


Moreover, if you are travelling a country the best thing is to do is research! Read about it, the people and their culture. Something which is normal and considered casual in your country might not be taken in the same sense in the other country. So, to avoid insensitivity towards someone’s culture, read and research beforehand and spare yourself from this mistake.


If you are travelling somewhere and want a wholesome experience, then talking to the locals is a must! If you want to actually have a good experience of that place, their locals are the only ones who can tell you that.

By spending a little time going over these common mistakes, you can save yourself a lot from a lot of trouble and have a safe travelling experience.

Have a happy safecation!

8 Hidden Gems Of The World That You Need To See When Traveling

8 Hidden Gems Of The World That You Need To See

Did you know that there are actually so many amazing places in the world and they’re not even as popular as they should be, owing to how beautiful and fascinating they are? If you are a travel enthusiast on the lookout for your next trip, you might want to check some of these places out.

Huacachina, Peru

If you’re interested in beautiful sights with a side of seclusion, Huacahina is the oasis town for you to be at. It’s the center of a really huge desert, but the town itself is unimaginable. Home to only 200 people, so blending in with the locals, and getting to explore their culture can be a treat for when you want to, otherwise you can be on your own and enjoy some alone-time. The Peruvian hills are known for being taken to with sand-boarding as well.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier is a gem of Australia tucked away in the Middle Island side of the country, which is only accessible via air. The fascinating thing about this lake is that it’s pink in color and it stays that way for the whole year. Discovered all the way back in 1802, a lot of people still don’t know about this beauty.

Playa De Amor, Mexico

Mexico is home to this extremely underrated ‘Hidden Beach’ which is what its name Playa De Amor literally translates to. It’s nothing short of a secret haven, with a variety of underwater caves to explore and an experience of pure soulfulness.

Silfra Fissure, Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country in itself and Silfa Fissure does justice to the Icelandic name. It’s a part of Thingvellier National Park and is amazing for anyone with a knack for diving and swimming in water that is so clear that visibility is maintained for up to 300 meters. A huge thrill for adventurers and an absolutely stunning view.

Isola Bella, Italy

Italy hosts this island that radiates grace and charm the moment you step into it. It’s a small island but it packs more than double the views. The Borromeo Palace, which is known for its magnificence is the main attraction there, but it also hosts the prettiest gardens, terraces as well as fountains and you’ll also get to set your eyes on the royal birds of the island, white peacocks that you’ll find strolling around in the gardens.

Flores Island, Portugal

If you’re looking for something absolutely breath-taking filled with ginormous waterfalls, along with caves and greenery all around, Flores Island is the place to go to. As testament to this fact, UNESCO placed it on the world heritage list. Almost the entire island is populated with a variety of colorful flowers that coined the name of “a cape of flowers” for the place.

Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil

Brazil has the Lencois Maranhenses National Park as its hidden gem, where you will be able to see turquoise colored lagoons among the sand dunes, to the tune of thousands, during rainy season, which is simply delightful to see.

Saint Marcel d’Ardeche, France

France is home to this jaw-dropping cave that is brimming with a collection of beautiful colorful rocks and interconnection of water that seems like its shining and lighting up the way as you walk along the pathway.

Tips For Safe Traveling

Tips For Safe Traveling

Traveling can be an exciting and thrilling experience for you. But, apart from the excitement it offers, it can also be unsafe if you are not familiar with the concept of safe traveling. So, here are some tips for you to travel safely.

  1. Get Yourself Familiar With Travel Scams:

Whatever part of the world you travel to, you will find scammers everywhere. These people are ever ready to rob your hard-earned money from you. Although you might think of yourself as too smart to be a victim of scam but you need to know that there are smarter scammers out there who will trick you in ways you would not even know of. So, in order to ensure safe traveling, you should get yourself familiar with as many travel scams as you can. You can even learn about them on Google.

  1. Keep A Copy Of Important Documents:

Keeping a copy of important documents such as your passport, driving license and any other from identification is always a good idea! You can also save these documents online by scanning them or you can have many hard copies printed out. This is important because even if you lose the original documents, you can easily use these copies to prove your identification as proving the identification is an important process of traveling. If you are not able to prove your identification, you might not be able to travel at all!

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Valuables:

Although traveling with anything valuable is not recommended at all but in case it is unavoidable, you need to keep an extra eye on them! You need to keep in mind that the regular traveling backpack is a very insecure place to keep anything of value as anyone would be able to steal from it very easily even when locked. Therefore, to ensure safe traveling, lock up your items of value in a secure bag and always keep an eye on them. You can even request for lockers to avoid any chances of theft.

  1. Update Your Family And Friends Regularly:

Updating your family and friends of your whereabouts is always a good and sound decision for safe traveling. Whether you are traveling for a night, a week or a month, you should always keep them updates in case of any kind of emergency. You can also keep the location of your mobile device turned on so that they can track you whenever they want.

  1. Do Not Share Too Much Information With Strangers:

Never share too much information whether personal or travel related with any stranger you meet during your traveling. If they still ask you about anything, answer them vaguely instead of giving them the exact details of your plans. Also, avoid sharing too much information on social media because it can serve as a map for your movements and someone with bad intentions can track you down easily from your social media!

So, follow these tips and make your traveling experience a safe one!

Top 10 Best Cities In The World For Food

Top 10 Best Cities In The World For Food

Deciding a travel destination can get difficult with so many, almost unending options available to us. There are some great cities to visit and explore, but what is a vacation without good food? Foodies will understand shortlisting the next vacation spot according to the cuisine it hosts, because let’s face it, food multiplies the fun of any trip. Here is a list of 10 such cities that cater to adventure as well as amazing food.



This city of France takes it food scene very seriously. Along with being a beautiful scenic place, it hosts the haute cuisine that people are crazy for. Lyon centers itself around locally produced substances, which means quality and health safety is guaranteed. Take a stroll to one of their local restaurants to get a real feel of the authentic French atmosphere and food.


Another city that really celebrates its food is San Sebastian. You can tell when it’s the home to 3 Michelin Star restaurants. Their basque-style tapas are a must try as part of their local cuisine.


Boqueria is a market in Barcelona that is famous for its food. But overall, the city has a tasteful side that one needs to explore, home to contemporary Catalan cuisine that pleasantly surprises anyone’s taste buds that tries it.


The Big Apple cannot be left out from a list about cities with amazing food. The city is abound with every kind of cuisine you could dream up from the fancier ones to the local cuisines of countries all over the world, and the quality is superb as well.


What’s there that Tokyo is not good at, right? Food is something this city excels at well. Along with amazing tasting food at casual dining, it’s heaven for those who are crazy about sushi, as the fish they source from The Tsukiji Fish Market is something else.


London stands out as being home to culturally diverse ethnicity and thus it caters to many diverse cuisines as well. Which makes a visit there all the more delectable, as you can get a taste of something different for everyday that you are there. It’s further proven by noting that world famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are from there.


Sweet tooth holders would love the pastries in Paris so much, they might just get addicted. They do something that makes them so soft, that they just melt in your mouth. Also home to a diverse cuisine, you can rest easy if Paris is your next spot to visit.


Bangkok defines the taste in Thailand, with its affordable street food as one of a kind. Along with being a hub for partying and scenic beauties, this city will surprise you with its full of flavor food.


If you’re into spicy food, you’ll love the culinary scene here. The spiciest fusion of different ethnicities like Lebanese & Japanese are combined into making a super sweet and spicy deal.


We can’t end the list without Copenhagen being in it. It hosts a multitude of cafes that are waiting for a visit with Nordic food that you won’t be able to resist. Noma is the city’s highly favorite restaurant, that everyone recommends because of how good the food is there.


Places Around the World that Inspired Fairy Tales

Places Around the World that Inspired Fairy Tales

Not only children but adults are also influenced by fairytales. This is mainly due to how as children we used to drown in the details and the depth of every fairytale. And when we grow up we dream to live a life and experience something similar. Well, that is definitely a fantasy and there is nothing in the real world that can be at the level of a fairytale. The funniest part is we are always given a reality check when we try to fantasize about things around us. Apparently, we are told that fairytales are fake and there is nothing similar to this in real life. But you have a great chance and opportunity to prove them all wrong! This is because some places in the world are inspired by the fairytale.

It is not only about a hero and heroine, and their love story but it is also about the scenic beauty that encourages us to fall in love with nature. The magical skyline, beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, and sparkling lakes are no less than a fairytale. We know that you must be thinking where you will find these locations inspired by the fairytale. Well, we will discuss a few incredible locations from all around the world that are no less than a magical fairytale. So make sure you read the article in detail and follow safecation rules!

Places Inspired by Fairytale from All Around the World:

There are a lot of places around the world that are inspired by a fairytale. You might not know these locations but will truly get mesmerized once you visit them. You will feel yourself in a fairytale and get connected with nature just by seeing a glimpse of it.

  • Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany:

This beautiful castle is no less than those in fairytales. Its tall white towers rising helps to spot the castle from far away. This castle was of King Ludwig ll who has an incredible history that we hear even now. This castle has been associated with that in Sleeping Beauty. So if you want to have a glimpse of the magnificent castle then make sure you visit Germany.

  • Cappadocia in Turkey:

You must have heard about this place in Turkey. Some of you might have even seen its pictures on different social media platforms as well. Well, this is definitely one magical place. This place allows you to burn hot air balloons and watch the colorful balloons rising high in the sky, touching the sky and making vibrant scenery.



  • Hoh Rainforest in the USA:

You might have read about the green forests and gardens in every fairytale. The vibrant gardens filled with different flowers even allow unique species to get attracted in a friendly manner. You can find the exact scenery in the USA. We know that it is pretty surprising! The ferns and moss spread in the entire forest and thick furry trees creating an ambiance will surely leave you in awe.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now and get ready to experience a fairytale vacation with your loved ones! Don’t forget to ensure safe traveling.


The Best Eateries in India

The Best Eateries in India

India is not only known for its colorful and spread out culture and heritage but also the cuisine associated with it. Safe travelling to India is a fantasy for foodies. The culinary greatness of the Indian subcontinent cannot be emphasized. Indian spices are world-wide famous, and it would be a shame if you had a safecation in India but weren’t able to experience its mouthwatering cuisine. Here are a few of the best eateries of India which you should try out to experience true Indian flavors:

  • 1135 AD, Jaipur

The true and exquisite cuisine of Rajasthan can be experienced at 1135 AD. The name is derived from the year the Rajput dynasty started its reign over the locals of the area. The seating place is properly lit with beautiful crystal chandeliers. The Restaurant is decorated with stunning Rajput décor and the best part is the live Rajput music played by musicians on the spot. It’s a place you’ll remember for a lifetime.

  • Ambrai, Udaipur

The restaurant not only provides amazing food, but the ambiance is what makes it visit worthy. Once you enter, you will notice that your surroundings are full of great views of the Jag Mandir, Lake palace and the City palace. Apart from this, Ambrai is known for its spicy ‘Laal Maas’ or Red Maas Curry along with the platters of kebabs.

  • Bharawan Da Dhaba, Amritsar

This restaurant dates back to the start of the 1900’s and is a legacy which still lives up to its standards. True Amritsar tastes can be experienced here. ‘Dhaba’ often is referred to roadside café and hence, this shows how such an eatery has grown to a huge restaurant over the years due to its marvelous food. There are a variety of dishes available but the Vegetarian menu is what this place is most famous for.

  • Hanwant Mahal, Jodhpur

This restaurant is made inside the building which was once the hunting place of a local ruler or raja. The cuisine represents proper Jodhpur flavors and lives up to the mark – Raja would have been proud.

  • Indique, Jodhpur

With a candlelit ambience and views of the golden Mehrangarh fort, you will be breath taken by the ambience to know that there is more – the generously prepared ‘thalls’ or huge plates, spicy kebabs and North Indian specialties of Indique are highly authentic and flavorful.

  • Kulcha Land, Amritsar

Home to the ‘Kulcha’s’ or round flatbread prepared to be eaten as a side to spicy Indian curry’s, kulcha land is just the place to drive your taste buds crazy. Traditional Amritsar cuisines can be found here.

  • Villa Maya, Trivandrum

The restaurant is made in an 18th century restored Dutch mansion. Its ambiance will leave you speechless as will the spice filled flavors you are about to experience.

Indian cuisine will leave you tempted for always having more. You will experience a kaleidoscope of flavors with just the first taste. Prepare your taste buds for the flavorful journey they are just about to encounter on this safecation.

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